It’s a tight job market, and that’s not expected to change in 2020. It’s true across the board, but the shortage of top talent is very apparent in the healthcare industry. To hire the best people at the right time, you need to understand the needs of your potential employees and even tailor the experience for everyone. The best way to do this is through your employer branding. Here’s how.

Tailor Your Offer

For every open position, you need to tailor your offer to match the person you’re hiring. Not everyone has the same requirements in terms of salary, benefits, and personal time off. If you approach everyone as homogenous, you’ll miss out on great talent. Be sure you consider each individual as you make an offer.

Identify and Nurture Your Culture

Employees want to understand your identity. To do this, you should cultivate the right workplace culture that matches your mission statement and core values. How do you engage new employees on the job? Are people excited about coming to work with you? What does your environment look like, and how accessible is it? How do your current employees treat newcomers? All of these play into your employee experience.

Make Hiring More Inclusive

Are you familiar with unconscious bias? Often, hiring managers will make decisions based on unspoken or even unconscious criteria. For example, you may prefer to hire people who graduated from the same program you did. Sometimes hiring biases can be even more dangerous as they prevent the representation from groups of people within your community. Make an effort to be more inclusive as you hire.

Check Social Media

Social media may have the most impact on your employer brand even when you don’t think you need it. Why? Everyone is on social media, and many people use social media to make decisions about shopping, working, and even healthcare. If you’re not on social media, you may be passed up. Check your social media, choose the right platforms, and update your page profiles to reflect who you are as a brand.

Streamline Your Process

Did you know that good people often pass up good jobs because the application process is too complicated? Hiring managers sometimes think that creating more gates to filter out the best candidates can improve the hiring process. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. When people find too many barriers to apply, they move on to apply to your competition. Instead, simplify your application and make sure your optimizing mobile platforms.

Provide a Positive Experience

Throughout the hiring process, make sure the experience is positive. Be kind to applicants, follow up on time and often, don’t be late, don’t be unprepared, and don’t ghost candidates. Even if you can’t hire every great candidate, you don’t want them to leave your interview experience with a negative perception which they might tell others about.

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