Unhealthy habits are things we never intend to do; they sneak up on us out of nowhere. But some unhealthy habits are common in nursing. If you want to break out of that rut now that we’re a month into 2020, it’s a great time to examine your unhealthy habits and try to replace them with healthier options. Here are some things to consider.

Skipping Breaks on Long Shifts

We’ve all done it. We think we can just work through this break because we have way too much to do to step away. But once you skip one break, you find yourself skipping more. Especially on a long shift, you will need to take breaks throughout the day to refresh your mind and body. Don’t skip them, make more efficient use of them by using your breaks to ground yourself.

Consuming Sodas and Energy Drinks for a Quick Boost

Another thing most nurses are guilty of is consuming sodas and energy drinks rather than taking breaks. We all feel like we need that little boost, and a shot of caffeine can do that for us. Coffee isn’t even enough after a while because we start to build a tolerance. But sugary sodas and high powered energy drinks can have a majorly negative impact on our health, so consider healthier alternatives.

Skipping Meals

When you’re working for long shifts, it’s also natural to want to skip meals. This tends to happen when you’re working overnight and not on a normal 3-meal a day schedule. But food is an essential fuel for our bodies, and skipping the right number of calories can lead to fatigue, a dip in blood sugar, and even confusion.

Not Building Community

What has been shown to work is building a community among your fellow nursing and other medical staff. Having the support of others while you work, you can create better, healthier habits. Everyone encourages one another to make healthier choices and has a more positive impact when working together for common goals.

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