While you may want to avoid it, conflict in the workplace is something every manager needs to handle. As a manager, you must be able to deal with conflict among your healthcare employees correctly. Naturally, disagreements happen when two or more people are working closely together, but your job is to manage that conflict. Avoidance leads to increased negative behavior and can even result in losing top talent or compromising patient care. Here are a few things you can do to help put an end to the conflict in your workplace.

Build Up Your Empathy

You may think that criticism needs to be avoided to maintain a positive workplace. But ignoring bad habits will only allow them to perpetuate. Employees may not have the perspective to realize that their conflict is affecting the department or the patients; it’s up to you to let them know. You can do this by trying to understand where they’re coming from instead of attacking.

Make it Safe to Talk to You

When you only meet with your employees for negative feedback, they will assume that all feedback will be negative. They may not be willing to bring a conflict to you to help resolve it. Instead, create a pathway that communicates to everyone on staff that you’re available to them to help them work through problems to avoid major conflict in the future.

Use Data to Make an Informed Decision

Emotions are running high when employees are unable to resolve their conflict. That’s why you need to be analytical about a solution. Allow each side to share their story and use the information to reconcile the data available. This will help you back up your decision and recommendations.

Don’t Make it Personal

When you are talking with the individuals experiencing conflict, make sure you don’t make the argument personal. Your role should be to counsel your employees to speak in less accusatory terms. Make sure they understand what they’re discussing a situation, not any perceived individual failings. Keep them on task to talk about the problem at hand, not make jabs at each other.

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