In just a few days, everyone across the globe will have 2020 vision. As we enter a new year and a new decade, we have a great opportunity to reinvent ourselves as healthcare professionals. Stress is a significant contributor to health problems for many adults in the U.S., and while we can’t eliminate all stress from our lives, we can work on reducing it. Here are some tips to help you reduce stress as a travel nurse and approach the new year as a happier new you.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Reducing stress means to consider a holistic approach to wellness. This means focusing on your mind, or mental wellbeing, along with your physical body. You may also find comfort in spiritual traditions, which help ground you and reduce stress.

Heal Your Body

Stress can cause physiological reactions in your body. It can create conditions prime or stroke or heart disease. But you can counter these things before they happen by focusing on your physical health. Take care of yourself, go to the doctor for regular checkups, and exercise every day if possible. It doesn’t have to be 45 minutes at the gym. Just walking or other physical activity for a few minutes a day is a great start.

Practice Self-Care

People think that self-care is about taking a bath or reading a book, but that’s not the complete truth. Ultimately, self-care is about taking time for yourself in whatever form that takes. Pay attention to your mental well-being, be okay getting help when you need it, and learn how to say no when necessary.

Get Organized

Stress can be exacerbated when our lives and our work is disorganized. Taking just a few minutes every day to organize your schedule and your workplace can help you stay calm and avoid stress at home and in the workplace.

Be Positive

Did you know that people who have negative thoughts are more likely to have increased negativity and stress in their lives? Your thoughts make a difference, so focus on the positive rather than the negative. When something goes wrong, challenge yourself to find the silver lining.

Say No

To reduce your stress in 2020, it’s also vital that you learn when and how to say no. Often, we are stressed because we overbook, and we’re worried about disappointing people. But if we stretch ourselves too thin, we’re unable to handle everything that comes our way. Practice saying no to keep your life stress-free.

Is your current healthcare job too stressful?

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