Are you familiar with chatbots? Even if you don’t realize it, you’ve run into them before. Chatbots are those pop-up conversations that happen in sites you visit when an online representative asks if you have any questions. They can be annoying unless they’re used correctly. And if they are handled in the right way, they can very useful. Chatbots have the potential to make users feel more engaged with the application process. Even though they may know a real person isn’t on the other end, the experience is more conversational and comfortable. How can you utilize chatbots in your recruiting efforts in the most productive way possible? Here are some ideas.

Provide More Communication

One of the biggest complaints potential candidates have in any hiring process is the lack of communication from the company. Chatbots provide you with an opportunity to have a conversation without taking time or effort from you or your HR department. Each candidate has a chance to follow up directly and learn more about the job or provide more details.

Collect Employee Data

Everything a candidate types into the chatbot results in more data collection for your facility. For example, if you have healthcare professionals apply, you will need to know their credentials and license information. This can be input into the chatbot, so the information is at your fingertips with each employee file when you’re reviewing candidates.

Screen Candidates

A chatbot can also help you screen candidates faster. By using the search function in the data collection, you can determine who is the best match for your open position. When you have all of the information collected in one place, the process of screening each candidate becomes much more efficient than even the previously most advanced method of online applications.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Your chatbot can also improve the overall applicant experience without taking extra time for your or your HR team. Your chatbot can answer many of the most frequently asked questions in the form of a conversation, which allows each applicant to feel as if they’re getting personalized service and answers from your organization.

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