Employee burnout is a major epidemic in the workplace, especially for healthcare employees and hospitals. Is there someone unable to live up to your expectations right now? Especially high performers? Burnout can lead to high turnover, so it’s essential that you can solve the problem before it blows up. What are the signs and what happens next? Here are a few things you can do to help your hospital employees

Employee Burnout At a Glance

The definition of burnout is pretty simple. If someone is checked out of their job completely, they’re likely experiencing burnout. There are other signs that might not get noticed. Maybe they take a lot of sick days. Or maybe they’re scatterbrained and disorganized. If your employees are no longer engaged in their day-to-day jobs, they are likely experiencing some level of burnout.

The Effects of Burnout

The most important thing about burnout is that it affects more than just the individual. It’s like a virus that can quickly spread throughout your hospital. Their attitude can affect coworkers as well as patients.

Here’s how to handle it at your hospital.

  • Talk about it: Once you recognize the problem you can talk about it with the affected employees. Take genuine interest in their well-being and try to get to the core of the problem.
  • Be flexible: Sometimes it’s a matter of work/life balance and flexibility can be an easy cure. If you allow your hospital staff more flexibility without compromising patient care, it can be worth it.
  • Enforce vacation time: Another problem many workers have, especially in healthcare, is a feeling that they can’t take vacation. But time away is essential to recharge and it needs to be taken.
  • Cross train: Boredom and a feeling of stagnation is another cause of burnout. You may be able to mitigate this by cross training your employees to handle more tasks and keep their jobs interesting.
  • Prioritize it: Whatever you do to counter it, it’s essential that you take burnout seriously and make it a priority in your hospital. Let your employees know that you genuinely care about their well-being and do something about it.

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