When you purposefully uproot your life, it can be difficult to stay organized. This is an adventure that was important for you to take, but at the same time you’ve got concerns about keeping up with everything. You have to learn new processes at work every time you change positions or locations. Here are five tips to help you stay organized on the job and away from home.  


Organize Your Living Space 

When your home is only temporary, it’s essential that you keep everything as neat and organized as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to live out of boxes the entire time you’re on your assignment, but having a good organizational structure can help you stay sane. Don’t allow your place to get cluttered, always put things away after you use them to prevent bigger challenges when you’re ready to move on from the assignment.  


Keep a Notebook 

When you transition from one job to another it can be easy to conflate information. If you keep a notebook for each assignment, you can refer to it to keep your work and your information organized.  


Stay Mobile 

Another great trick for travel nurses is to pack in such a way that you can stay mobile. Again, that doesn’t mean you have to live out of boxes, but use creative storage solutions that can move quickly when you need to. For example, rather than having a traditional dresser, use plastic storage bins with drawers. They may not be aesthetically pleasing, but you won’t have to pack up everything when you transition to the next assignment.  


File Your Important Documents 

You will have a number of important documents you’ll need to keep with you while you’re traveling and it’s important they stay safe. For example, you don’t want to keep your social security card or passport on you at all times, so you’ll need a secure way to store them. The same is true for information for your career, such as your credentials. It’s helpful to bring a safe that can be stored easily and hidden to ensure your security.  


Live Simply  

You can also take a page out of the full-time travel handbook. There are a lot of people who live in RVs and travel the country or have embraced the Marie Kondo method of keeping only the things that spark joy. While you don’t have to travel the country with only a toothbrush and your scrubs, you can pare down your belongings, so you’re only moving with the essentials.  



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