When it comes to healthcare hiring, you need someone to fill that role yesterday. That means you have to work hard to find the right person and hire them as quickly as possible. But there is an important balancing act you also need to take into consideration. Hiring quickly doesn’t necessarily lead to hiring qualified candidates. If you need to speed up your process but still hire right the first time, here are some tips that can help you.


  • Review your network. To get quality candidates fast, start with your internal sources or referrals. Current healthcare employees may know other professionals who can be a good fit for the job. Or you could promote other staff members to these jobs and replace an easier to fill position. You may also want to look through older candidates that you didn’t hire. They may not have been the right fit before, but they could be perfect today.
  • Rewrite the job description. To attract top candidates from outside sources, start with the job description. The description is what you use to write your job posting, so the language needs to be precise and descriptive. Don’t focus on a list of duties and skills. Paint a picture about how this position fits in with your organization and what you can offer the candidates in return.
  • Make it easy to apply. Did you know you may be missing out on qualified candidates if they find the application process too difficult to navigate? Review your online application process and remove any unnecessary steps. Make sure its optimized for anyone applying from a mobile device. You may also find that you’re dragging out the application process when you don’t need to, which can make everything more difficult for the candidates and you.
  • Develop a staffing plan. Hiring should really start before you even have a need. Before a role becomes critical to fill, consider making a staffing plan that you can refer to when needs arise. When you develop your annual budget, also create a staffing plan. It will allow you to look at where you are with your team and what you might expect down the line. While you can’t foresee every possible situation, a plan in place can help you work through the process quicker.
  • Partner with a staffing agency. If you need to hire healthcare employees fast, partner with an agency that specializes in medical placements. When you establish a relationship with a staffing partner before a need happens, they will be better equipped to help you find the right person fast. They will handle the entire process until you make the final decision, which can allow you to focus on running your department.

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