Your employees make up a complicated and essential ecosystem for your company. One thing that may challenge the delicate nature of your team is managers who play favorites. Playing favorites can lead to an unhealthy work environment for everyone, including management. When a manager singles out one employee to treat differently, and better, than everyone else, it can become challenging for the satisfaction of everyone. If you want to have a healthy work environment, avoid playing favorites. Here are some things to consider.


Objective Standards

The best way to avoid playing favorites in the workplace is to have objective standards by which to judge performance. If two employees do exactly the same quality of work and only one gets praised, it will quickly turn the other against you as a manager. To breed loyalty from all your employees, treat them each using the same criteria.


Hiring Family

Another challenge for your employees comes when management hires a family member for roles on the floor. Even if you don’t want to play favorites, you’re likely to treat a child or a parent or other family member quite differently than you would your other staff. Try to avoid having someone you’re related to work under your direct supervision.


Provide Positive Reinforcement

All of your employees crave positive reinforcement that they work they’re doing is valuable to you and the organization as a whole. Reward good work, provide positive feedback whenever someone goes above and beyond. Never just restrict your interaction with medical staff to just corrective behavior.


Communicate Effectively

All of this boils down to a need to effectively communicate with each of your employees equally. If you are more likely to talk to just one or two people on staff, it’s not a leap for your other team members to decide they are your favorites or getting preferential treatment. Communicate with everyone and be transparent about your decisions. Once everyone feels informed, they feel empowered.

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