Managers hear a lot about work/life balance and company culture today. It’s true, the millennials that are now making up the largest cohort in the workforce are expecting something very different from their employers than their older counterparts ever did. This means that healthcare organizations need to take a step back in order to create environments that are enticing to the top talent on the market today. How can you improve the culture of your healthcare company?

  1. Determine issues and create goals. The first step to creating a positive company culture is to admit there are aspects that can be improved. This may take some time to determine what the issues are in your company and what to do about them. Take a look at easily measurable items, like turnover or employee absenteeism. What could be the underlying problems causing these issues? Once you have measurements in place, you can begin to set goals that will help you improve the environment.
  2. Involve everyone in the process. This should also be a collaborative effort. Everyone your team at every level can get involved to help you better understand what can and should be improved. Ask everyone for their input, no matter how small or big their concerns. But once you have this feedback, be sure to do something about it. Don’t dismiss issues, take a closer look. Involve people in determining the proper response and create a plan of action to move forward.
  3. Review progress regularly. Improving company culture isn’t just a one-and-done prospect, either. There are many steps to take and reevaluating the progress along the way can give you the tools you need to redirect as necessary. Be honest with what is and isn’t working and be willing to try new solutions to various problems until something clicks for everyone. Don’t save your review for once a year. Take a closer look at your improvements each month to see what else can be done.

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