As a hiring manager for your healthcare job openings, you need to walk the balance beam to allow you to find the right combination of skills, talent, and potential. But how exactly do you make the right decision when so much is riding on hiring the best person for the job. Often it comes down to the contrast between perfectionism and pragmatism. How do you strike the balance in your own hiring strategy? Here are some ideas to get you started.


How Perfectionism is Affecting Your Employee Search

Recruiters often refer to this as the Purple Squirrel. When they’re clients are so focused on very specific skills, they often miss out on the big picture. A purple squirrel doesn’t exist in nature, and a perfect candidate doesn’t exist in the job market.  Instead, consider hiring for potential and helping someone reach the level you need through mentorship and motivation.


Why Hiring Practically Doesn’t Always Give You The Results You Want

That said, there may be times when making the practical choice impacts your team negatively. A bad hire can be expensive. By the time you determine that someone isn’t a good fit, the damage is already done. The cost of the wrong hire doesn’t just apply to the salary you’re paying, it tendrils out toward all aspects of your business including training, advertising, and employee morale.


Stop Saying “I’ll Know It When I See It”

One thing hiring managers can do to avoid either scenario is to stop assuming they’ll know the right candidate when they see them. Instead, have a set of expectations and questions that your candidates can answer to give you something to base your decision on. Streamline the process so every candidate is judged by the same set of criteria.


How To Strike the Right Balance and Hire The Best Candidates

The world is an imperfect place, so the real trick is to combine your expectations for a perfect candidate with the need to hire practically. Look at candidates based on their abilities to learn, similar experience, and interest in working with your facility.

Working with a staffing partner can help you balance between perfect and practical. Contact the team at Fortus Healthcare Resources to learn more today.

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