Working with a staffing agency that specializes in medical placements can save time and money for your facility or clinic. How does this work? Working with a staffing provider can give you an advantage and the time you need to focus on running your department. It all starts with building a strong relationship with your recruiter. Here are a few ways you can increase your collaboration with a recruiter to help with your staffing processes in the coming year.

  • Increased talent pool. Focusing on recruiter will take you away from other essential aspects of your job. Partnering with a recruiter allows you to expand your talent pool exponentially. A staffing agency specializing in legal placements has already developed relationships with local talent who may be a fit for you. If they don’t have an immediate fit, their time is dedicated to sourcing and pre-screening additional candidates for you to review.
  • Short time to hire. Because a staffing agency will focus entirely on your hiring process, your time to hire will be significantly shorter than doing it yourself. Taking time out of your regularly scheduled work to review resumes, interview candidates, and make the decision you may find that other aspects of your firm will suffer or it will take you longer to handle the process.
  • Access for short-term projects. In some cases, your department will just need additional help for a project or busy season. Maybe you need a travel nurse with specific experience? Or maybe there’s a big change in insurance coverage that will need additional expertise. When healthcare worker applies with a staffing agency and accepts short term positions, they understand the scope of the project. The agency will also be able to find them more work when your project has ended.
  • Changing workplace dynamics. New employees may have a significant impact on your team. When you develop a relationship with a healthcare recruiter, you can also spend time preparing your employees for the new addition and focus on your onboarding skills. Create a mentorship program so your new placement will be set up for success.
  • Reduction of overall costs. A partnership with your recruiter will also have financial benefits for your organization. The entire process is expensive, from the initial candidate search through prescreening and skills testing. The time it takes to hire someone will affect your bottom line and the care you provide. Partnering with an agency creates one billing process and an expense for your business.

Do you want to partner with a healthcare recruiter? Contact Fortus Healthcare Solutions today to learn more.

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