Whether you’re new to travel nursing or you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s important to note that location is still considered the top factor when choosing your next assignment. How can you be sure you’re selecting the right city for your next assignment? Before you contact your recruiter to help you with your placement, consider pros and cons of cities for your next adventure.

  • Think about your personal preferences. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking your personal interests in mind when selecting the location for your next travel nursing assignment. When you look at the potential options, talk with your recruiter about the locations and let them know what you prefer. They can help you make a good selection based on the work you want to do and the lifestyle you want to live.
  • Consider money, location, and shift. Of course, it’s also important to consider a variety of other factors that will inform your decision and choices. Experts advise that in many cases, you may only get two out of the three that you prefer, so try to rank them for your preference and work with your recruiter to determine the best job.
  • Know how flexible you can be. In some cases, the more flexible you are the more potential options you will have for future assignments. If you can take an assignment that your recruiter might have trouble filling otherwise, you’ll certainly be near the top of their list the next time they have something that will better fit your personality and schedule.
  • Do you have a bucket list in place? It also doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. When considering your travel nursing career, make yourself a bucket list. These are cities or states where you would want to live and work on an assignment. For some people it might be places like Hawaii or Alaska. Or maybe you have other desires, like working in big cities such as New York or Chicago. Or maybe small towns. Put this together and share it with your recruiter when you can.

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