Have you been thinking about working with a healthcare staffing provider but are concerned about some of the due diligence required when hiring medical professionals? There is good news. Knowing who is responsible for licensing when working with a healthcare staffing provider is just the first step of the process. So how does it work and how can your business benefit?

What is credentialing?

It’s important to note that a healthcare staffing provider should also have on-staff credentialing professionals to make sure that every candidate is properly vetted. Credentialing departments were established in hospitals and by other healthcare providers after a landmark legal case in the 1960s. In sort, credentialing professionals examine review, and verify that healthcare candidates possess the required licenses, certifications, or educational level to qualify for the job.

Why is it important?

Without credentialing, it’s possible that individuals not qualified for specific positions or who do not have required state and federal licenses will be placed on any given job. When working with a healthcare staffing provider, you should be assured that each candidate has been through the credentialing process prior to placement.

How are credentials obtained?

A credentialing professional has been trained to seek out the information they need about any licenses or certifications a candidate indicates they have. At the most basic level, they’ll contact the medical schools where the candidates graduated to verify their information. They will also contact government agencies and professional associations that provide certifications. They will also access databases that collect this information as well as verify general employment background.

How am I assured?

So how do you know that your staffing provider has completed these essential assessments for every professional they place within your organization? Communication is the most important aspect of understanding the process. When you first connect with a staffing provider, talk to them about their complete credentialing process to better understand how this works for individuals they place on assignment.

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