Travel nursing as a career choice has a lot of benefits. Many people opt for this lifestyle just out of nursing school, and for a good reason. Working as a travel nurse can help you pay back your student loans. So many Americans are drowning in educational debt, and it can feel like a Sisyphean task to pay them back. If travel nursing is a good fit for you, can it help you pay back your debt? Here are a few of the ways travel nursing can help you pay back student loans.

Great salary potential.

Travel nursing has the potential to earn you more money overall than a starting salary in a local role. You can travel to where salary levels are higher. But also consider the other intangibles. Many areas will pay more for travel nurses as an incentive to bring in top talent for these temporary positions, which can allow you to save more money than you spend as you ramp up your career.

Housing stipend.

Also, consider the cost of housing. Whether you’re paying a mortgage or rent, housing eats up a lot of anyone’s monthly budget. With travel nursing, you can get your housing paid for through your agency. This can help you save the cost of an apartment or house rental which can be put immediately into your student loans to help you pay them off much sooner than your local counterpart.

Paid travel expenses.

It may sound like living in the lap of luxury because you get to travel to far away locations throughout the United States, but travel nursing offers this experience at no cost to you. You can move to Hawaii, but you don’t have to pay for the experience of getting there. Of course, there are plenty of ways you can spend your own money once you arrive, but without travel and housing, you can budget both fun and student loan payments.

Flexibility of work.

Travel nursing also offers you flexible work. In this lifestyle, you can choose when and where you want to travel. If you need to take a break between assignments, you can. You can also determine the kind of work you want to do and talk with your placement recruiter about the potential opportunities that fit into your requests. This can give you the flexibility to save money as you plan out your assignments.

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