Do you want to make the best impression for a travel nursing position? If so, it’s important to know the things hiring managers are looking for in a candidate. And, the first step of the process is impressing the recruiters who place travel nurses on jobs around the country. If you can make the right first impression, you’ll easily become a go-to placement for their services. Here are a few things to cultivate when you’re looking for a travel nursing job.

Professional attitude.

First and foremost whenever you’re interviewing for a nursing position, you must maintain a professional attitude. Don’t speak poorly about any of your last jobs or managers. Stay positive and engaged about your past experience and what you want to do in the future.

Attention to detail.

Nursing is also a job of precision and you need to demonstrate this to the recruiter and hiring managers. They want to see real examples from your background that give them the information they need about your attention to detail.

Good communication skills.

Nurses communicate with a lot of different people throughout the day. And a travel nurse will also communicate with their placement recruiter. You need to show them that you can communicate with coworkers, managers, patients, families, and doctors at a high level.

Willingness to try new things.

Travel nursing is all about the experience. You get to go places and do things on a somewhat temporary basis. But that also means you’ll come in contact with new ideas and ways of doing the same job you’ve already done for years. Be open to trying new things along the way.

Calm under pressure.

Lastly, you also need to demonstrate that you are able to keep calm in the most stressful of situations. This is true for any nursing job, but travel nursing adds an unexpected component to the situation. You’re coming in to the environment as the outsider and you need to show that you can keep calm and carry on when things are blowing up.

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