You probably know that nurses are in demand. You also know that travel nursing is a great way to get out, find new opportunities, and travel. But the demand for skilled nurses doesn’t mean you can simply walk into a job at any time. You still have to sell yourself as the right candidate for each opportunity. So how can you make yourself stand out and be more marketable as a travel nurse? Here are a just a few things to try.

Get on LinkedIn.

Many people think of LinkedIn as only for office or business professionals, but that is not the case at all. Employers from all over the spectrum, including hospitals, healthcare companies, and clinics, have a presence on this professional networking site. Start by creating a profile to act like a living resume. You can update it every time you achieve something new or learn a skill.

Work on your resume.

Next, work on your hard-copy resume so it’s always ready. A big mistake people tend to make is to ignore their resume while working and then have to scramble to remember and update it when they are looking for a job. But by keeping a resume up to date, along with your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be able to pursue opportunities any time.

Connect on social media.

So much of today’s connections are made through social media. If you are looking for a travel nursing position, connect with firms that specialize in travel nursing on your social media. Do this through Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is also becoming popular. And, of course, don’t forget LinkedIn.

Stay positive.

Positivity is contagious. Stay positive in all of your interactions to give yourself an edge. Never speak poorly about a previous employer or coworker. Positivity will help you put your best foot forward when you’re meeting people who place travel nurses on jobs and while you’re on assignment. And a positive outcome from an assignment will make you more marketable for the next one.

Keep in touch.

Throughout all of this, be sure to keep in touch. If you connect with a travel nursing recruiter, for example, don’t wait for them to make the next move. Touch base with them frequently to demonstrate that you’re interested and available. Offer to take on tough assignments to prove your reliability to an agency.

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