Not every medical placement will be a fun and exciting place to work. But what can do you about it besides quit and move on? Sometimes quitting will mean burning a bridge that you’re not prepared to burn, so staying the course is the best decision. But how can you make this boring assignment a little more exciting and stay focused while you’re working? Here are some tips to help get you blood pumping again.

Talk to your supervisor.

If you feel you’re not doing enough or the work you’re being given isn’t challenging enough, talk with your supervisor. Position it as a positive interaction. Let them know that you understand the importance of the work you’re doing, but you are also capable of taking on more responsibility. By shaking things up, you may find yourself more engaged overall.

Work with your recruiter.

The recruiter who placed you on your travel nurse assignment should also be considered an ally while you’re working. Talk to them about the concerns you have with your assignment not challenging you. They may be able to help by talking with your supervisors on your behalf.

Get to know co-workers.

Sometimes boredom comes from isolation. The only cure for that is to get to know the people around you. Your coworkers are also locals, so find out what they do for fun. Talk to them about your interests and find something in common. You’ll find that you enjoy the work you’re doing if you feel comfortable with the people around you.

Check out your new city.

You may also be able to assuage some of the boredom your feeling by using your off-hours to explore your new city. Wherever you are, there are new things for you to learn about. Ask about popular attractions, natural settings, activities, restaurants, and whatever else people do in your new area for fun.

Keep in touch.

Life as a travel nurse seems super exciting. You get paid to live in a new place for a period of time before moving on to your next assignment. But that doesn’t change the fact that there will be people you miss and connections that falter because you’re around your friends and family anymore. The internet has changed all of that. Stay in touch with your friends and family, wherever you are, by connecting on social media and interacting.

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