Hiring travel nurses is not at all the same experience as hiring permanent, local staff for your medical facility. So why are you trying to fit that square peg in the round hole? Before you spend an inordinate amount of time sourcing, prescreening, and hiring remote candidates for travel positions, consider working with a staffing partner who specializes in this kind of placement. Here are just 5 signs that you need to work with a travel nursing staffing partner.

1. To match candidates to the job and facility.

Reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates is still the best way to match skills to open positions. But you’re busy running your department, so when would you have time to do that, especially for travel nurses coming in for shorter-term assignments? Your travel nurse recruiter can do all the legwork for you and send over only the most qualified candidates to choose from.

2. To find only the best candidates.

In this case, your recruiter will have already narrowed down the choices from applicants. Or they may already have a pool of qualified travel nurses who match your particular skill set. Without going through several not-quite-right candidates, your travel nursing staffing partner will be able to provide only the best candidates to work in your department.

3. You’re weighed down by recruiting.

How can you possibly have time for everything in your workday if you’re also going through the process of reviewing resumes? Posting an ad for a nursing position can often get you hundreds of resumes. Reading each one, deciding on their skills, and scheduling time to meet with them will take up as much time as you have to focus on your other duties.

4. Your staffing needs are not being met.

You may also find that, in spite of all of your best efforts, that your staffing needs are simply not being met. Do you have high turnover? Do travel nurses come in and not quite mesh with your current full-time staff? Is this problem happening over and over again? If so, there may be something off in your process, and a staffing partner can help you get back on track.

5. Faculty is not happy with the current candidates.

Your team should also have buy-in on the travel nurses that you bring in to fill necessary roles. Every interaction is imperative, and if the chemistry is off from the start, neither party will be able to function to the best of their ability. If your team is unhappy with the way you’re hiring travel nurses now, they may benefit from working with a staffing partner specializing in these kinds of nurse placements.

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