Being a travel nurse comes with a bit of insecurity. How do you know you’re safe when you’re traveling from place to place or living in an unfamiliar city? If you’re concerned about your safety on a travel nursing assignment, there are some things you can do to make yourself more comfortable. Let’s take a look at these top tops for staying safe as a travel nurse.

Have a good connection with your recruiter.

It’s always helpful to have a good relationship with your recruiter. This is the person who will have your back throughout the process. And by ensuring that they are aware of your location and concerns, they will be able to help ensure your experience is a safe one.

Focus on regular communication.

Throughout every stage of the process, make sure you are communicating your experience. Let people know when you’re on your way. Connect with a point of contact so they know when to expect you and have realistic expectations about your arrival or departure time.

Learn your routes ahead of time.

If you can, make sure you can track where you are. Current smart technology can help with creating maps and navigation that will help you be more comfortable with the routes that you can take. Using these maps can also help communicate your travels to your recruiter or managers.

Safety in numbers definitely applies.

When you are on assignment, take some time to get to know others in your department. There is always safety in numbers, so when exploring your new city or experiencing the social life, be sure to do that with others whom you can trust. By making friends quickly on the job you can remain safer.

Consider the things to do just in case.

Always keep in mind the idea of “just in case.” There are many things you might think about doing but consider them too much trouble or just excessive. But if you do, it could save you plenty of heartache in the future. For instance, you should consider calling your parents to let them know where you are. Or check out the reviews of hotels before making arrangements.

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