You may have been hearing a lot about the power of social media. And in today’s connected age, many employers are using social media as a way to find and pre-screen potential healthcare employees. While keeping in mind the legal slippery slope of snooping online, there are plenty of public details that you can find and take into consideration when making a hiring decision. Here are some things to think about.

Look for red flags.

Anything public on the internet can be considered when making a hiring decision. So if you see the candidate engaging in behaviors that are unethical or go against your company’s cultural values, it would make sense for you to determine that they will not be a good fit for your organization. Be cautious about this, though, and make sure you’re not being discriminatory with your decisions.

Evaluate communication skills.

How they communicate on social media is also a good way to evaluate their quality as a candidate. Do they demonstrate that they can effectively communicate without errors or inappropriate comments? This can help you determine if they will be able to communicate with co-workers and patients.

Discover their personal goals.

You may also see some information about their future goals through their social media profiles. Where do they see themselves in five or ten years? What do they indicate are their passions and driving motivations for their job and their social life? Does this match the way your company handles personal development?

Their fit with your environment.

You may also learn whether or not their personality will be a good fit with your current team. Use caution when making this determination. Hiring only cookie cutter employees is also not healthy for a work environment, but you can avoid major issues if you take their personality into account before making a hiring decision.

Determine their ability to solve problems.

Public social media may also be a way to effectively gauge whether or not they handle problems gracefully and efficiently. Do you find instances of negative behavior online? What was their response? How did they recover and handle the situation? How do they interact with those they don’t agree with online?

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