Travel nursing sounds so wonderful in theory. And it can be in practice, but if you’re not comfortable with the process, the entire concept can feel foreign and daunting. What are the biggest fears keeping you away from a career as a travel nurse? If you’ve thought of something, chances are someone else has solved that problem. Here are some of the top solutions to the biggest fears surrounding life as a travel nurse.

Trust the professionals.

It’s true, and okay to admit, that you may not know anything about the city you’re moving to for this job. That’s why you don’t have to do all the work on your own. Trust your placement professional as well as any travel assistance, housing experts, and other agents the company recommends to help get you set up and started in your new town.

Start floating now.

Before you leave your current position for your travel nursing role, consider taking shifts as a floater. When you’re working as a travel nurse, you’re often asked to step into multiple roles at any time. Having this experience prior to starting your assignment can help you feel more confident when you need to hit the ground running.

Plan for downtime.

You may not know anyone when you get to your new city, and that’s okay too. So while you’re finding your way and learning locations and meeting people, plan for some downtime. Make sure you have books to read or other things to help amuse yourself when you’re at home. As you start adding activities to your day, get out into your community and meet others whether that’s through casual social activities or work-related events.

Use social media to connect.

Another way to connect to the community in your new city is through social media. Facebook events can give you a picture of what’s happening in your neighborhood. Make a point to attend an event or two to get out and start to make local friends help you get to know your new community.

Are you looking for more ideas to get you started on your career as a travel nurse? Contact Fortus Healthcare Resources today.

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