When a new hire comes into your department, what are your strategies for management? These employees may already have years of experience in the medical industry, but they’ve never worked for your or your organization before, so there will be a learning curve in the first days. Your management strategy is an important aspect of this process. Here are a few ways you can manage your new employees to provide them with a positive experience and breed employee loyalty.

Consider your onboarding process.

Sure, you already have a training process in place. But training for the job is only part of the formula. You also need to ensure that you’re giving them an orientation to the environment. The culture of your department is as important as the skills you need, and your new employees need to be made to feel comfortable and welcome.

Create training processes.

Next, many managers make a mistake by not having any formal processes in place for training. They just wing it. But this doesn’t help your new staff learn how to integrate into the environment or their new job. Create a checklist to ensure each new employee is learning all the proper procedures and you can objectively evaluate their skills.

Listen to their new ideas.

Some new employees feel they are railroaded or simply not heard when they offer new ideas. The truth is, bringing in a new employee can help your department grow. They have ideas that are worth listening to, so make time to do that. If a new employee comes to you with an idea about how to do something more efficiently or effectively, give them the floor and consider their suggestions.

Set goals and expectations.

It is also helpful to set specific expectations with each of your new employees. What do you want them to know and by when? Without these expectations in place, they may feel lost as they’re trying to learn so much at once. You should also allow them to set individual goals and offer some team goals they can achieve during their onboarding process.

Provide regular feedback.

Of course, another challenge some new employees have is not hearing feedback, either positive or negative, as they learn the job. Many employers wait until the first review to provide constructive feedback about their performance, but by then it might be too late. Instead, make gentle corrections along the way to ensure they’re learning the proper procedures. And don’t forget to give positive reinforcement as well.

Involve your current staff.

Lastly, you can utilize your current staff to help with the onboarding and training process. Many departments successfully use mentorship programs. They pair a new employee with someone who has lots of experience with the organization to help them learn the ropes. They become the go-to source for questions. This not only gives your new employee a valuable resource but reinforces the value of your more seasoned staff.

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