Some experts suggest finding a specialization and sticking to it while others extol the virtues of diversification in your skill set. So which should you do? The answer comes down to what you specifically want out of your nursing career, but there are many benefits to diversifying your skills. If you’re considering expanding your experience to cover a wide range of skills in nursing, here are some of the benefits you might want to consider.

It makes you more marketable.

Some experts suggest that specializing can give you a straighter path to your ultimate goal. But others suggest that diversification may be the better solution. Only you can determine which is right for your path, but if you’re considering a more diverse career path, know that it will help you be more marketable in more places. You won’t be as narrowly focused and may have more potential opportunities.

It reinforces job security.

As a direct result, you will also find that you may have increased job security over individuals who are hyper focused on one path only. Since you will be trained in a variety of skills, you can integrate within multiple environments and be able to remain employed even if there are challenges in the job market.

It can improve your satisfaction.

While those are tangible results of being more diversified in your experience, there are some more hidden advantages. Some studies are showing that nurses who are more diversified in their training experience a greater sense of satisfaction on the job. You can increase your engagement by not putting yourself in only one box. When you feel burned out with one aspect, you have more to fall back on.

You can learn new things.

If you’ve begun the process of diversifying your experience, you are probably the type of person who really thrives on learning new skills along the way. By consistently learning new things, you can avoid getting in a rut. Each time you add a new skill to your resume, you can feel a sense of accomplishment. You shouldn’t discount how this makes you feel as it will help you stay excited about your career.

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