The intensive care unit is not a placed designed for everyone. The patients under the ICU’s care need additional attention due to the nature of their illnesses or injuries. And it’s perfectly okay that not every nurse is built for working with this department. But as a manager, you need to find talent that will thrive in the fast-paced environment of the ICU, so how do you spot the traits that will succeed in such high-pressure situations?

Here are 3 ways you can spot an RN who was built to be a part of your intensive care unit.

1) Going the extra mile for patients.

When patients report a good experience in the ICU, it comes down to how they were treated by the staff. Most importantly, they want to be treated like individuals rather than just their conditions. In fact, some patients report that good ICU nurses will go the extra mile by providing additional care beyond their treatments. For example, a nurse may wash their hair or help with other grooming needs that will make them feel more human.

2) Being available for the loved ones.

Interpersonal skills need to extend past the patients as well. Often, it’s the loved ones who bear the burden of the patient’s condition, especially if the patient is unable to communicate. A good ICU nurse will take this into account and be compassionate and considerate of their feelings. Rather than going through the motions in a robotic way, they can help ease the family’s concerns by providing exemplary care and taking their time with each and every patient.

3) Extensive knowledge of medical technology.

Finally, while the interpersonal skills with patients and family members is critical, those are soft skills that are inherent traits. They may not be learned behavior, but medical technology is, and an ICU nurse needs to have a good handle on using the latest technology. Proper medical care today involves knowing how to use the latest tools, and have the most current knowledge available. An RN who has the soft skills and the ability to quickly pick up new technology may be a perfect fit for the ICU.

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