When you start your shift, your brain can still feel hazy.

Your first instinct may be to belly up to the coffee maker and pour yourself a mugful. But is morning coffee the right solution to increase your energy and kick start your day. While coffee is perfectly fine in moderation, many people get into trouble when they rely on its caffeine too much. Here are some alternatives that may work for you.

Exercise Before Work

Honestly, even though you may not want to hear this, aerobic activity is the very best energy boost for your mornings. Take up jogging or ride an exercise bike. Go to the gym and get some good cardio in before you get ready for work in the morning. This will help you face the day without being caffeinated.

Chai Spiced Tea

If you’re simply looking to reduce your caffeine intake, there may be some just-as-tasty alternatives. Chai tea is a black tea made with Indian spices including cinnamon and ginger. The result is an incredibly flavorful beverage. Often chai is served with milk and sugar making it a reasonable replacement for coffee.

A Cold Shower

If all else fails, a cold shower is absolutely going to get you energized in the morning whether you wanted to be or not. Several years ago a motivational blogger challenged his readers to start their day with a cold shower. He said it would help increase their creativity, get them out of their comfort zone, and start their day by thinking outside of the box. He may have been on to something.

Ice Water with Lemon

If a cold shower doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, consider ice water instead. Adults are highly likely to go through the day dehydrated which can lead to sluggish thinking. Start the day out right with some ice cold water flavored with a little lemon instead of a rich, caffeine fueled coffee.

Pomegranate Juice

Ah, but what about the anti-oxidants in coffee? While they exist, and do benefit the drinker, there are much better places to get this nutrient. One of the most flavorful is the juice of the pomegranate. This complex fruit has tart seeds full of delicious, juice that can help kick start your day. And don’t worry, you don’t have to deseed and squeeze the juice out of the fruit yourself, it is available by the bottle.

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