As you turn your thoughts to the seasonal cheer of the winter holidays it is a good time to re-evaluate your job search priorities.

You can start your job search in 2016 with renewed energy and drive.

So what should your priorities be for the first of the year? Here are five New Year’s resolutions you can make this December to help you refocus your search and find your next healthcare job.

Focus on Your Online Brand

Have you paid attention to your online reputation? Google yourself and see what comes up. You can then use this information to create an online brand or improve what is already accessible on the web. Start by buying a website domain name. Then make sure you have profiles on the big social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Also, you don’t need everything so only use the sites that will benefit you as a job seeker.

Determine What You’re Worth

Another aspect of job searching that candidates often struggle with is salary negotiations. It is okay to ask for money and it is okay to come to the table with a dollar amount in mind. Use to figure out the median income for your field and in your area. From there you can determine a range that works for you. Also, have a walk away number. If a company offers you less than this, don’t feel bad about saying no.

Customize Your Resumes

Another great goal for the New Year is to ensure that you customize every resume that you send out for potential jobs. This means you should never accidentally send a medical coding and billing resume to a front office administrator. Create templates that you can easily swap out for the types of organizations you’ll be applying for after the first of the year.

Research Your Target Employers

There is a new trend in job searching that can benefit a lot of people. This is the targeted job search. Instead of looking through online job postings and applying to anything that feels like it might work, spend time researching hospitals, facilities, clinics, and private companies for whom you really want to work. Learn about their hiring program and send your resume in directly to human resources.

Learn Something New

Finally, take some time to learn something new this year. Is there a skill that might help you land a new job? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? You don’t have to go back to University, but you can take adult ed classes or simply read up on topics that interest you the most. For instance, if you want to learn technology that can help you in the medical field, you can take free courses online with MIT or Codecademy.

Are you ready to find your next healthcare job?

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