Think back to your first day on the job, whether it was yesterday or years ago.

You couldn’t wait to get dressed in your scrubs and get to the unit. Your coworkers seemed friendly, helpful and generally awesome. You were nervous but excited and looking forward to all the opportunities ahead. On your way home, you may have even thought, “I’m going to love it here.”

Fast forward to today.

Does your job still give you butterflies? Or, as time passed, and things have changed, has the job lost its luster?

At Fortus, it’s our belief that everyone deserves a job they love – not just on day one but on day 100 and beyond. And we know that when you really find the right job, the love between you and your job is long lasting.

That’s why we work with leaders in healthcare whose positions include great benefit packages and competitive compensation, so you won’t feel undervalued. Their positions allow for job growth and continuing education, so you won’t feel stagnant in your new job. And they have openings right now across the country.

Sound like a job you could love?
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