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Job Market for Nurses Continues to Heat Up

As WKTV NewsChannel 2 reports, due to a shortage of nurses in Florida, Utica College has decided to take its nursing program south to the Sunshine State. Utica College – St. Petersburg will open later this summer.

According to the Florida Center for Nursing, more than 15,000 nursing jobs went unfilled in the state in 2012, and the shortage is projected to continue to grow in the coming decade.

Fortus Healthcare Resources places Travel and Direct Hire nurses throughout the state of Florida. In the NewsChannel 2 story, Vice President of Sales Jeremy Enck explains that the market in Florida is constantly changing. During certain times of the year, there’s a large influx of transient patients. Business noticeably heats up in the winter months for Fortus healthcare clients in Florida and elsewhere in the south.

WKTV NewsChannel 2 is the NBC affiliate in Utica, N.Y.

Watch the story: Utica College opening nursing school in Florida


Ode to the Traveling Nurse

From Nephrology News & Issues:

The health care industry has always seemed to be recession-proof. People always need to be taken care of in the inpatient and outpatient environment. But the recession several years ago was tough for all job sectors, including health care. And although the country has climbed out of it (see record highs on Wall Street) it was rough going for the nursing profession as hospitals closed or merged.

Now with ObamaCare, the addition of millions of previously uninsured Americans to the health care system through the passage of the Affordable Care Act, coupled with the aging baby boomer population, has created new opportunities for nurses.

What is the role of the traveling nurse in keeping dialysis clinics open and operating smoothly? There are a number of companies that offer temporary nursing dialysis services. We talked with Jeremy Enck, vice president of sales at Fortus, to give his assessment of the job market for nursing and how the traveling nurse fits into the equation. The company also places dialysis technicians, renal dietitians, nephrologists, clinic administrators, and social workers.

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What Do Recruiters Look for in Nursing Job Candidates?

From the American Nurses Association:

One way to stand out from the crowd of new grads is to highlight on your resume any in-demand skills that you may have. Shawnee Major, an account executive at Fortus Healthcare Resources, says some of the special skills in high demand include:

● Bilingualism.

● The ability to use specialized equipment, such as dialysis machines.

● Computer skills, including EMR skills.

● Quality assurance knowledge.

● Leadership.

● Critical thinking.

Entry-level nurses may need to be willing to try new things as they look for a job, says Lisa Kapps, an account executive at Fortus which specializes in the placement of direct hire and travel nurses. “Flexibility is key when getting your start. The larger the geographic area and the more disciplines you are open to, the greater your chance of finding an employer willing to train.”

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Inc 5000 Companies On The Road to Fortune 500 – Michael Maurizio

Inc 5000 Companies on the road to Fortune 500 was the topic of a segment on The Price of Business with host Kevin Price and Fortus Healthcare Resources President & CEO Michael Maurizio.

The interview originally aired on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK, Houston.

Listen to the interview: Inc 5000 Companies On The Road to Fortune 500 – Michael Maurizio

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