There are many reasons you may be searching for a new job while still working. You may need to move or are having trouble with the commute or hours. You may be dissatisfied with the work environment or you don’t feel challenged any more. If you’re looking for another job while still working there are a few important points to keep in mind. Here are the best ways to do that without burning bridges.

  • Don’t talk about it. Even if you have trusted friends at work you should be selective about discussing your job search. It doesn’t take long for the rumor mill to start and you may find your employer taking adverse action if they discover you’re searching for something else.
  • Update your LinkedIn. While you may not want to advertise yourself on social media, or upload your resume on public career sites, LinkedIn is considered a professional tool for everyone. It won’t be abnormal that you’ve decided to update your profile to reflect what you’re currently doing in your job. You can also update it without alerting your network to the changes.
  • Ask for confidentiality. When talking to potential employers let them know that you’re still working. They will understand and respect this and not contact your supervisors for information. By the same token let them know that, if they offer you the position, you will need to provide at least two weeks notice. They would expect the same.
  • Respect your employer’s time and technology. The number one mistake made by many job seekers is that they use their employers’ time and computers to conduct their job search. As inviting as that may seem you really need to keep your activities to after hours.
  • Don’t lose focus. While you’re looking for a new job you also need to pay special attention to your current work.  You don’t know how long a job search will take, so manic ups and downs in performance will be noticeable.

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