With the New Year being two days away, how many of you have made it your resolution to find a new job, or even switch up your careers? No matter the job that you’re thinking about applying for or even the job that you’re trying to secure, the key is to have a noticeable résumé. Here are some tips to give that résumé and yourself a  competitive edge.


1.Determine the type of resume you want to build. There are 3 format types for a resume

  • Chronological – In this format, work experience and education are put in chronological order, starting with the most current experience and working your way backwards. This is always the safest bet when building a resume.
  • Functional – This places all of your experience in the order of how significant your work experience is in relation to the job you are applying for. This is the best type of résumé to build when you are changing careers.
  • Combination- A combination of the two. The most significant position and education you hold goes first in each category, and then switches to chronological order.

2.Your resume must have a proper header.  There is nothing more frustrating to an employer-or recruiter, than not being able to find your contact information. Your header should include and be formatted so:

  • Name
  • Street Address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Phone number  #1
  • Phone number #2
  • Email address

Your header should be noticeable, eye catching and bold, so that it stands out. The phone number that you list should be monitored and answered, and a professional voicemail should go along with it for those instances when answering the phone isn’t possible. Your email address should be professional as well. Your i.mdashiz@soandsodotcom can be used for unprofessional correspondence with your friends but when attaching an email to your résumé, a simple email with your first and last name is the way to go.

3.  Include a career objective. Though this is meant to be short and simple, containing 1-2 sentences, the best way to grab a potential employer’s attention is to include keywords from the job description in your objective. That means you may have to change it if applying to multiple jobs, but it also shows the employer that you are paying attention to their specific needs.


The job market today is more competitive than ever, and it’s extremely important that you make yourself memorable to an employer.  An interview is a foot in the door. Dress nicely, and be confident-because the worst thing that can happen is that you don’t end up getting the job.  Any professional company isn’t going to laugh you out of the office-unless you’re applying for a job as a clown, in which case that wouldn’t be a bad thing, so smile, be polite, and show them just what you’re worth. For those of you looking to go into travel nursing, see our posts Jumpstarting Your Travel Career 7 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Competition and 4 Big Ways to make yourself Marketable for more ideas.

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