Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries. It is also important to learn to connect with team mates on the job. This is especially imperative for travel nurses who may only be spending two or three months in a given location. If you’re looking for ideas for your travel nursing assignment, or are a manager and want to know how to handle socialization for your nursing staff, consider these ideas.

  • Dinner Hour
    Organizing a visit to a favorite neighborhood restaurant after your shift allows everyone to enjoy casual conversation and good company. It’s a good way for staff to get to know each other away from the facility.
  • Team Lunch
    Hosting a team lunch encourages connections and a break from the work day. You can order in or take an hour away from the work-site to dine in at a local place.
  • Weekly Breakfast
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it is often over looked. Bring in a healthy breakfast or be more decadent by rotating who buys the donuts each Friday.
  • Sports Events.
    Organize a trip to see a baseball game in the summer. Baseball tends to be one of the most accessible sports because it is held outdoors and most people will enjoy a day out even if they aren’t a fan. If your town has a minor league stadium your team may be able to take advantage of some special promotional events.
  • Team Bonding.
    Team building events are particularly useful for groups who include travel nurses or other contingent staff. Organize a team building activity with a local company that specializes in this type of event, or create games or activities to hold in the office to encourage team work.

Want more ideas for socializing in the workplace as a travel nurse or nurse manager? Contact Fortus Healthcare for more ideas.

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