Going on a travel assignment is nerve-wracking enough without adding boredom into the mix. You are put in an area you are not familiar with, with no real connections other than a recruiter – who is not there by your side in a literal sense. Traveling can, at times, be lonely and uneventful. This is why finding ways to get out, do things and meet new people in new areas is so important! Fortus has a few tips to help you get out and meet new people, and ultimately keep you busy!

  •  Take a class: Look into the local rec center in your new area and see if there are any local classes to sign up for. A lot of cooking or exercise classes only go for a short number of weeks, which could be perfect for a traveler to get into. Learn new trades or perfect old ones, and you’re sure to meet some new people on the way.
  •  Check out local events: Grocery stores, diners, and other local establishments often have bulletin boards full of community events you can get involved in. You may learn about bus trips to nearby cities, tour groups, local fairs, etc that you were not aware of. All are great ways to check out some local heritage.
  • Entertainment: Find out about bands, or theater group shows coming to the area and promotions that might interest you.
  • Church Groups: Although not for everyone, many travelers recommend joining local religious groups, attending and volunteering at church events to meet people. A good number of Fortus Travelers look into finding a church to attend, and many even volunteer in the choir or do local volunteer work to help out and give back to the community they are in.
  • Other travelers: Of course, another great way to make the transition easier is to find those in the same situation as you. Ask your recruiter if there are other travelers in the hospital you’re going to, and if they might be open to getting to know a fellow traveler. You’d be surprised how many  might be within a few hours of you!

What do you do to keep yourselves entertained on a travel assignment?

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