As a manager, you need to hire the right worker who will do a great job. The cost of a bad hire can take a toll on you, your team, and your bottom line. But there are some red flags to watch out for when you’re interviewing that can help you avoid a bad hiring decision. Here are 9 red flags to watch for when interview your next healthcare candidate.


No Homework

Did your candidate do any sort of homework on your company before they arrived for an interview. You can find out easily by asking point blank like, “Did you get a chance to review our website,” or “Do you have any questions for me.” These can give away the fact that someone didn’t do anything to prepare ahead of time. If they don’t have the respect to do that, like you were expected to do, they may not be a good long-term fit.


Inconsistent Information

What if their information doesn’t quite pan out? Does the resume have different dates of employment than their application? Did they misspeak in the interview and what did they say when you asked about it? If their information is inconsistent without any appropriate explanation, they may be trying to hide something big.


Late Arrival

Your time is as valuable as that of your candidates. You shouldn’t keep them waiting, but they also shouldn’t be late for their interview. If they are late for an interview, it could indicate behavior that will be undesirable once they’re working for you.


Distracted Behavior

Did they not turn off their cell phone? Are they busy thinking about or doing something else to pay attention to your questions? If they are distracted during the interview, they will likely be distracted when on the job.


Arrogance not Confidence

Confidence is an important trait for your employees. You want them to be good at what they do and confident enough not to second guess themselves. But arrogance is another beast all together. Is your candidate a little too confident? That could be a red flag.


Failure to Take Responsibility

Have they mentioned problems with past employers, managers, or coworkers? Airing this kind of dirty laundry in an interview should be look at with a little more scrutiny. Sometimes people don’t get along, but if it if happens everywhere it could be consistent with the candidate, not their employers.


Poor Interaction with Others

Every part of their meeting with you should be an opportunity to observe them. Talk to your front desk representative to see how they candidate treated them upon arrival. Were the polite or rude? This can give you a lot of additional insight.



Being unemployed is stressful, and that’s okay. But acting out of desperation is not. When a candidate is too desperate to accept your job regardless of the specifics, it may mean they just want to make a quick decision without really thinking about whether it’s a fit. Be cautious if someone demonstrates too much desperation.

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