Hiring a new healthcare professional can come with its own baggage. And it’s not uncommon for managers to feel anxiety throughout the process. The pressure to hire the best candidates can be overwhelming, and if you make the wrong choice, it can snowball into a major avalanche affecting your entire operation. But hiring doesn’t have to fill you with dread. There are ways to mitigate these feelings and ensure you have the best candidates for the job. Here’s how partnering with an agency that specializes in healthcare placements can benefit you.


Reduce Costs

The employee salary isn’t the only cost of hiring. There are other aspects of the process that may drain resources from your department before you’re able to make a decision. If the position goes unfilled, who picks up the slack and how much is that costing you? With an agency that specializes in medical placements, all of the costs will be a part of the process.


Shorter Time to Hire

Your staffing partner already has a pool of experienced and vetted candidates who can start for your organization. When you need a professional, you need them right away. With a shorter time to hire, you will have fewer interruptions of service and less burnout from your current staff. This will benefit everyone from the top down.


Prescreened Candidates

The screening process, especially credentialing for medical staff, can be lengthy. If you know it’s already completed before the person is assigned to your department, it can reduce your stress as a manager. You also know that you will remain compliant and not have to worry about unforeseen situations that could arise if something falls through the cracks.


Reduce Turnover

Employee burnout, especially in a medical environment, can cost your organization a lot of money. When good talent leaves because the feel they’re overworked or underappreciated, you have to start the process over again. Instead, partner with an agency that can keep your department staffed so you don’t find your employees overwhelmed

Do you want to partner with an agency that specializes in medical placements? Contact Fortus Healthcare Solutions today to learn more.

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