We’ve spent a lot of time discussing how to get your next travel nursing job and what to prioritize in the process. You can look at the location you want to live in, try new things, or focus on specific skills. But there is another aspect that can help you build your nursing career when you take on travel nursing positions. You can work with top doctors to improve your medical skills and help your long-term job growth. Here are some things to consider.


Make a Wishlist

When you’re considering your next travel nursing assignment, make a wish list for things you specifically want to accomplish. Do you want to specialize in a specific aspect of nursing? Do you want to work within a specific area of the country? Or are there doctors of facilities you would like to target?

By knowing what you want, you can increase your ability to be placed on assignments that will have a positive effect on your long-term career goals.


Talk with Your Recruiter

As a travel nurse, your recruiter is your biggest ally. They can help place you in opportunities that match what you want in your travel nurse career. You can talk to then about all of your goals and they can work with you to make the best possible matches.

They will have access to assignments all over the country and can help place you with top doctors. This will provide you the ability to learn new things and ideas why traveling and working the way you want.


Study Up

When you get the information about your assignment, do your homework. Learn what you can about the doctors you’ll be working with. If the doctor is cutting edge or otherwise notable, you’ll be able to find multiple sources of information on them and their career.

But don’t just study up on the doctor. Make sure you are familiar with the techniques the specific hospital uses, how you can apply your own skills, and what can make this assignment unique.


Make the Most of It

You also want to make sure that you get the most out of your assignment. If you find yourself working for a top doctor, absorb whatever knowledge you can so you can apply it to the next opportunity in travel nursing.

The more insight you gain along the way, the better you can advance your career whether it continues to be in travel nursing or you settle down in an other position in the future.

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