You’ve certainly heard references to work/life balance. What does it really mean? The concept is an important one that companies are recognizing as a top priority for their employees. If any one portion of our life becomes too out of balance with the others, stress and panic can settle in. How can medical managers ensure their employees are experiencing a healthy work/life balance? Here are tips for prioritizing happiness and well being in your department.

  1. Create a support network. It’s okay to admit that there are things that need a network to accomplish. Maintaining work/life balance for all employees is a team effort because if any one person isn’t pulling their weight the entire system can stop. Give your team a network for support so they know they have someone to lean on when they need it.
  2. Empower time management. Stress in the workplace is often caused, or exacerbated, by poor time management processes. If any one aspect of the system becomes overwhelming for the person in charge, it can throw off the entire schedule and create a stressful situation for everyone involve. You can help your team improve their time management skills to allow for them to better balance their workday.
  3. Encourage self-care. The human body isn’t designed to sustain as much pressure as we often put on it. Downtime and rest is important for continual health and well being. Make sure your team knows that they are valued as people, not just as cogs in the machine. Encourage your staff to take their days off and vacation time to recharge and come back renewed.
  4. Avoid Negativity. Negativity in the workplace is also a cause for conflict and stress. Make sure you’ve created an environment that values positivity. That’s not to say you sugar coat everything or look at the world through rose colored glasses. Give your team time to process things and give them the tools they need to turn situations around to ensure a positive experience.

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