Attracting and keeping top talent is always a challenge for healthcare organizations. You want to know you’re bringing in the best and you want to keep them happy and engaged. But is there one aspect that could be improved to make this process even better. They say attitude is the most important thing, and maybe you need to change your own attitude as an employer. Here are just a few ways remaining humble can help you keep top talent on board.


A Culture of Gratitude

Being thankful actually changes out brain chemistry. When we show gratitude for others, we feel better about the things around us. Gratitude is also contagious. Once you thank someone, they feel positive and encouraged to spread that gratitude toward others.

But that doesn’t just mean thanking those who have gone above and beyond. Thank your employees every day for the work they’re doing. Thank the people around you when they help you out.


Generational Differences

There are certainly generational differences when it come to humility. Boomers see millennials as lacking any sort of introspection, but those sweeping generalizations can be very damaging. It’s important to recognize that different generations view the world in different ways.

For example, Generation X has long been viewed as the slacker generation. They’re cynical and snarky. But that implies that GenX is a homogeneous group that can’t think individually. That’s dismissive and prevents management from recognizing their individual personalities.


Keeping Connected

One way to ensure you’re remaining humble as a manager is to keep connected to your team. Don’t manage from an ivory tower, be available to discuss issues with them on a regular basis. Maintain an open-door policy and be willing to work with them.

But also, reach out every once in a while, even when there are no problems. Send them a hand written thank you note. Text them that you appreciate them.


A Sense of Purpose

Ultimately, everyone who works for you should understand that they have a sense of purpose and that you value their contribution. Being a good manager doesn’t mean you take credit for all of their accomplishments. Instead, it should mean that you are available to help them accomplish their goals.

By providing a sense of purpose, you’re showing your team that you believe they are capable of so much more and are willing to work with them to hone and improve their skills for their own professional growth.

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