There are many factors contributing to an employee’s sense of loyalty with their employer. Have you built a culture that attracts top talent and encourages engagement at all levels? There is always room for improvement, and often we’re left uncertain about the circumstances as employees leave without warning when they’re unhappy. There is good news. New trends in human resources can allow you to get a better handle on your medical employee happiness. Here’s how.


The Trust Factor

A global survey conducted by Ernst and Young provided feedback to employers suggesting that fewer than half of the employees participating had trust in their employer. Part of the issue here is that most HR initiatives are formed assuming that the team is already loyal. But if you had no trust in your employer, would you be content sticking around?

The first priority then shouldn’t be building motivation or engagement but reinforcing that your company is trustworthy. That your team can feel comfortable working with you today and in the future. But how do you do that?


Personalized HR

Consider the way Human Resources is often created as a plug and play category. Whatever the problem, you have a solution at the ready. But that’s not how people function, and HR shouldn’t treat them as if they’re a homogenous collective.

Part of the challenge is that HR often begins at a place where the employers needs are a top priority. But this is shifting in workplaces all over the country, and can be easily adapted to your healthcare organization. Personalization will become a big issue throughout the year, so now’s the time to make that move.


The Employee Experience

Each employee will have a different set of motivators and different long-term goals. To keep them engaged, and allow them to trust your organization, focus on the employee experience. What do they want that will make them loyal to your company?

One great way to start is to offer training tailored to their specific interest and needs. Don’t just send every medical billing person or nurse to the same group training. Find out how they can best advance their careers to help themselves and your company and give them the experience they want.


Less is More

In some cases, the leading factor about this mistrust is the extreme power given to human resource departments. Employees no longer see them as allies but rather obstacles to getting what they need out of their employee experience.

Companies are pulling back on HR to allow them to focus on only the key tasks. They should focus more on employee organization, the employee experience, onboarding new team members, and being available when a crisis arises.

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