Regardless of whether you work behind the scenes or in a clinical environment, it’s important that you move and stretch throughout the day. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle in 2019, there are some ways you can make stretching a priority. Its recommended that workers take time out to stretch multiple times throughout the day. How can you work stretching breaks in your day? Here are some tips.

  • Get up and walk. If you’re finding yourself sitting throughout the day. Take time to get up and move. Walk around the office. Go for a walk outside. Whatever you can do to move your body, it will benefit you in the long term. Make this a priority to walk between important tasks.
  • Sit back and stretch. While you’re sitting, don’t just hunch over and focus on your keyboard. Take moments to sit back and stretch. Raising your hands above your head is a good beginning move to keep the muscles relaxed and relieve tension.
  • Focus on your neck and shoulders. When you work at a computer, your neck and shoulders feel the biggest impact. Take a moment to stretch your neck from side to side. Roll your shoulders to help loosen the muscles in that area.
  • Stretch your feet and legs. While you’re sitting at your desk, your lower extremities are ignored. Stretch your feet and legs frequently throughout your workday. Point your toes and feel your calf muscles stretch. You can also stand and stretch your legs through a series of lower body exercises.
  • Vary sitting and standing. Throughout the day, you should vary your sitting and standing. If you have access to a standing desk, use it in conjunction with your sitting position. Start slowly and add more standing to your day as you become used to the physical motions.
  • Make time for stretching. It’s recommended that you get up from your desk and fully stretch once every other hour. If you’re on your feet all day, take a moment to stop and stretch your arms, back, shoulders, and neck during this time frame.

How do you plan to include stretching in your workday? Contact the team at Fortus Healthcare Solutions to see how we can help you today.

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