Ergonomics is the study of how the body interacts with their environment. It became popular in the 1980s and 1990s and has continued to be an important aspect of the workplace. As a manager in a healthcare environment, how can you promote a healthy environment for your staff? When you’re the face of a health-based industry, this is an important part of your image and management style. One way to promote health and wellness is to offer a standing desk. What are they, what are their benefits, and how can you implement their use? Here are some tips to get you started.

  • What is a standing desk? It really is as simple as it sounds. A standing desk is a way to position the computer at optimal height to use while standing. This includes the use of the keyboard and the mouse and the placement of the monitor to prevent strain on the neck from looking up or down.
  • How do they help with health and posture? Standing desks are designed to help relieve the pressure on the spine that is caused by sitting more hours in the day. To effectively use a standing desk, ensure that you’re able to stand with your head back and hips upright to form an S curve with your spine. Make sure your monitor is at eye level.
  • How can you include them in your current office environment? In a healthcare environment, standing desks are a great way to help your nursing team improve their posture on the job. Provide standing desks in the nursing statement to allow your team to choose them when they need to access or enter information.
  • How do you get employee buy in? Since we’re not used to standing while working, though nurses are arguably more apt to take to this option, encourage your team to start incrementally. They can alternate times between sitting and standing to handle their desk work with the goal of increased standing time.

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