After so many years of healthcare facilities planning around the needs of baby boomers, it’s time to take a step back and consider the millennials. While the generation is often thought of as young, upstart rule breakers, the truth is millennials are edging closer to middle age. The oldest of the cohort are now over 40 and are going to require additional healthcare as they continue to age. On top of their own needs, many millennials are parents who are looking for cutting edge care for the children in their lives. What can your facility do to prepare for this generations needs?


Take Tips from Tech Brands

Names like Google and Apple are top of mind for millennials. They were raised with these companies and utilize their brands regularly. Your facility can use these brands as a blueprint to better service your new millennial consumers and patients.

Consider the user experience. Part of the reason these brands are popular among millennials is the ease of use, the consumer support, and the benefits these brand provide. You can use similar tactics to impress millennials as they consider your facility.


Utilize Technology in Medicine

Millennials also want to be sure that any facility they utilize will be in touch with the latest technological advancements. These can include anything from digital signs, video education systems, interconnectivity, reliable WIFI, and technology interfaces for hospital resources.


Consider the Patient Experience

Millennials are also used to providing feedback and receiving immediate results. Make sure you’re providing a way for these patients and parents to share their thoughts with your facility.

But you can also observe the patient experience regularly. Millennial patients and parents won’t be shy about voicing their concerns, unlike many of the older generations who are more inclined to stay quiet even at their own peril.


A Whole New World of Metrics

What you already knew about metrics involving patient care can be reevaluated. There will be entirely new categories to track that will matter most to the millennials utilizing your services. Particularly, healthcare has been known as an industry with a slower response time, but that is no longer effective. Tracking information real time will be essential to a positive experience.

Do you want to know how to prepare for the millennial patients and parents who will become a big factor in the coming year? Contact Fortus Healthcare Resources to learn more today.

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