From news to sports to entertainment, podcasts have become a cultural phenomenon that allows listeners to get insight by just listening in. Unlike traditional radio shows, Podcasts are an on-demand option to gives people flexibility in how and when they listen. As a nurse, are there podcasts that can help you advance your career and give you more insight on the work you’re doing day to day. Here are 10 podcasts every nurse should listen to.

  1. Daily Nurse: The Daily Nurse website produces a podcast called Nursecasts. It’s created by nurses and designed to provide nursing news and information directly to the people who need it most.
  2. FreshRN: If you’re a newly minted RN, this is the podcast for you. It’s showcases a year in the life of a new RN to give you insights and real-world advice.
  3. Good Nurse Bad Nurse: This podcast will give you insight from both sides of any given medical situation. You’ll hear both the good and the bad to help you adjust your attitude toward your work.
  4. Mastering Nursing: Career experts tell you to learn from mentors, but sometimes you don’t have access to seasoned career nurses. This podcast can act as a surrogate giving you detailed advice for your career.
  5. Nursing Today: If you want details about the industry today, this podcast will give you the information you need in an academic setting.
  6. Nursing Uncensored: On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you want real and irreverent news about nursing, this is the place for you.
  7. Resource Nurse Radio: This podcast as billed as a quirky team presenting real-world nursing problems. A new perspective may help you in your career.
  8. The Project Nurse Podcast: If what you want is insight in to the modern nursing career, this is a young and fresh podcast to give you the information you need.
  9. This Won’t Hurt a Bit: Sometimes it helps to laugh. If you want lighthearted stories about medical situations, this is a great funny podcast.
  10. Red Hot Healthcare: Influential and cutting-edge information is what’s presented in this podcast. It can help you stay up to date with the industry.

To see these and more, check out this link to top nursing and other medical topic podcasts.

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