As we begin the holiday season and start looking toward 2019, is your facility considering the healthcare staffing trends for the coming year? Before you close out 2018, it’s helpful to take a closer look at some of the top trends affecting the healthcare profession that will impact staffing and operations on the New Year. Here are just three trends for you to keep on your radar for 2019.


 A Focus on Compliance

Clinics, hospitals, facilities, and all other healthcare businesses should pay special attention to the requirements for compliance in the coming year. There are a variety of things to consider including risk assessment, auditing processes, and how to implement solutions for continued compliance.

Compliance can be related to a number of issues from technology to patient privacy. There are a variety of ways to ensure that your organization is compliant ranging anywhere from courses to partnering with a staffing service.


Prepare for The Talent Shortage

The talent shortage has been coming for a long time. Baby boomers in the healthcare field are looking toward retirement, but there may not be enough new nurses working their way into the field, especially with the same type of experiences.

But there is something you can do. Starting by creating a mentor program to help your exiting staff download important information to newer nurses. You can’t recreate those years of experience, but you can help newer employees learn from it.

Its also helpful to partner with higher education in your community to be an employer of choice for newly minted nursing or other healthcare staff. Partnering with an agency may also help you find new talent quickly when you need it.


Work On Efficient Procedures

Efficiency in the healthcare workplace has never been more important. With new opportunities to incorporate technology into the procedures, hospitals and medical professionals are learning new ways to provide quality care.

But efficiency does need to be taken in the context of providing care to patients. The patience experience and the efficiency by which it’s provided will be a major force in the coming year. This can include additional technology, the use of telemedicine, and reworking previously inefficient processes.

Do you want to know more trends for the coming year? Contact Fortus Healthcare Resources today.

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