Each individual nurse in your department has an important role to play, but how they interact with one another can be equally as critical. As a manager, how do you build the best nursing team to ensure employee satisfaction, quality patient care, and the right combination of skills and personality to be effective at their roles. Here are some tips to help you build a nursing team from hiring to retention and beyond.


Hire Based on Core Values

There is a lot of focus today in Human Resources about culture fit. That is to say that leaders should be hiring individuals who match the corporate values from the start. The easiest point of reference is to consider a very conservative office. If a manager were to hire a very creative, free-spirited person they may not like the kinds of rules in place in a more structured organization. The same can be true for the values of your facility.


Set Boundaries and a Purpose for Your Team

When you’re hiring make sure you know the end goals. Know what kind of boundaries you need to set for what your nursing staff should or should not be doing. This needs to be communicated up front to give the right message to new members. But don’t forget to include a purpose to motivate your team and keep them engaged with the mission and core values.


Encourage Career Growth

A good nurse manager also needs to recognize that their team will have long term career goals as well. When you’re hiring new nursing talent, keep in mind the way you can encourage them and allow them to grow in their career through continuing education, new tasks, and more along the way. Without offering these kinds of opportunities, you run the risk of high turn over in your department.


Recognize and Reward Performance

It’s also essential that you take your time to reward top performers and recognize their achievements and contributions. A culture of gratitude goes a long way and is even contagious among your staff. But you have the power, so it’s up to you to start the ball rolling and provide incentives and rewards for work well done.

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