Many people choose travel nursing as a way to have a flexible career and the opportunity to travel, see new things, and earn more money. But what things should you expect if you’re setting out as a travel nurse for the first time? Before you book your flight or pack your bags, consider these things to help make your first travel nursing experience great.

Understand the budget.

Travel nursing is lucrative, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to consider your finances. You want to know what is covered by the agency and what the facility where you’re working will handle. Typical expenses include travel, living, per diem, and more. Also find out if there is anything that you’re required to pay out of pocket and how or if you will be reimbursed.

Understand payment structure.

Before starting the assignment you should understand who will be paying you for the work you’re doing. Will the agency handle the paychecks or will the facility issue them? You will also want to know how you will receive your paycheck, such as in the mail or through direct deposit.

Understand your insurance coverage.

Of course, your budget and salary aren’t the only financial considerations. You will also want to know what kind of insurance coverage you will need along the way. Do you need insurance for your temporary housing? Who takes care of that, you or the agency? What about insurance for the work you’re doing, such as malpractice insurance?

Know who to contact at your new job.

Your first day on the job doesn’t have to be entirely uncomfortable. Before you start your job, talk to your agency about your point of contact. You want to know who is in charge of your assignment at the location and be able to reach out to them before you begin or when you arrive on your first day. You can also reach out to other supervisors to learn about the job and your role.

Research the city.

Before you start your job, or even begin the transition, you may want to learn more about the city where you’ll be living. Where is the facility located? How far from work will you be living? What are social activities that might be a good fit for you? What things is the city known for that you want to check out while you’re in town?



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