Travel nursing seems like the kind of career move only afforded to single professionals. You need to be able to leave on a moment’s notice and the job could take you anywhere. But this is patently untrue as many nurses live this lifestyle with their spouses and children. It is quite possible as long as you’re well prepared. If you’re wondering whether or not you and your children could pull this off, here is some advice to get you started.

Pay attention to your stuff.

Minimalism doesn’t mean you own one folding chair and an orange. If you’re on the road a lot, you should be conscious of the stuff you have in your possession and how easy it will be to pack and move. Determine essentials but also luxuries that you and your children can take with you. For instance, they can take their toys, but maybe not all of their toys. Make a game out of choosing which things to take with you.

Plan your transportation.

A long road trip can be hard for anyone, especially little kids. Maybe you can break travel up into smaller legs and get to know geography, geology, and history along the way. Planning ahead will help you mitigate boredom in the car by knowing where to stop and what to see. You can also plan your assignments with this in mind.

Research the town or city.

There are considerations a parent will have to make about assignments that a non-parent wouldn’t need to think about. For example, you want to know about the schools in the area where you’ll be living. You want to know if there are additional community services like after school care or parks and recreation programs. You may also need to know what opportunities are available for your spouse.

Get help with housing.

If you’re single and traveling as a nurse, there are more options for housing, but that doesn’t mean that family-based living arrangements can’t be made. Talk with your placement agent about the possibility of a single family home with outdoor space and bedrooms to maximize family comfort. You may also want to live closer to other young families to establish a neighborhood community.



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