Travel nurses are a completely different type of employee than your full-time staff. So how can you train and orient them to the job in their first days? Onboarding is important for every team member, whether they’re short term or long term. Whether that first day, or first week, is good for bad, their onboarding experience can set the tone for the entire length of the assignment with your facility. So how do you properly onboard travel nurses? Here are several tips to get you started.

Have everything ready on their start day.

Before your travel nurses even start their new job, make sure you’re prepared. Have any equipment they need available so you’re not scrambling to get prepared once they’re in your facility. Have the employee handbook ready, have a workspace ready if that’s applicable, and give them access to any technology they may need.

Make introductions with your staff.

Feeling like the new kid is a universal experience. You can help mitigate that uncomfortable silence by making sure you take your new travel nurse around the floor to meet anyone they may come in contact with on a regular basis. Make this an exciting step in their first day so everyone can have the right impression.

Assign a mentor to help answer questions.

Take introductions to the next level by assigning a mentor to your new travel nurse. This experienced and trusted employee won’t just train them in their duties but also help them better understand the culture of your clinic, hospital, or office. They will be available whenever your new travel nurse has questions about anything.

Partner with your staffing agency.

Your placement agency is also a great resource for both you and your new travel nurse. Lean on them for valuable information before your new nurse starts and to provide feedback throughout the assignment. They can also provide additional tools that will help everyone succeed across the weeks or months that your travel nurse is working with you.

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