Continuing education is essential for nursing professionals. But what if you’ve decided to pursue travel nursing? How can you continue your nursing education while you’re moving from place to place? There is good news. Travel nursing can offer a number of opportunities that may not be available to others in the industry. There are multiple options for travel nurses to continue learning while spending time on the road going from place to place. With the support of your agency and involvement in the industry, the opportunities are endless. Here’s how.

Applying for state licenses.

When faced with travel nursing assignments, you will find yourself with opportunities to travel across the country. Be sure that you are proactive in obtaining the proper licensing for the location where you will be working. Know that the process isn’t specifically difficult, but it can take quite a bit of time. Talk to your recruiter about the process.

Free continuing education credits.

Many travel nurse agencies will offer free continuing education units, or CEUs. At the very least, they will offer reimbursement for any program you participate in while working for their organization. There are other ways to obtain CEUs even if your company doesn’t provide reimbursement that will be free or low cost.

Join a nursing organization.

Another way to enhance your continued education is to get involved in a nursing organization. They will offer free CEUs to members. There are also a number of methods for learning online at your own pace so you can also continue to earn the credits needed to maintain your knowledge level in an industry that is consistently changing.

Accredited continuing education.

With many possible options to choose from, it’s essential that nursing professionals understand the importance of accreditation when it comes to continuing education. CEUs that are accredited are backed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. This ensures that the additional credits you obtain will go toward your professional licenses and not be a waste of time.

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