If you’re working as a contract nurse, you probably have a variety of positions to list on your resume as you look for your next job. So how can you make your resume cohesive, readable, and attractive to healthcare employers? With some insider tips on how to manage your contract assignments, you can create a resume that conveys the right message for your future career. Here are three simple things you can do today to help explain contract medical assignments on your resume.

1. Name the agency, not the facility.

Your recruiter will be your essential partner in your continued job search. To properly communicate what you’ve been doing, include the name of your service as your primary employer with a listing of the facilities in the description. This will keep the dates of employment in line under one heading rather than make it look like you’ve been hopping jobs. Your recruiter will also become your reference since they know and value your skills and you’ve already established a level of trust.

2. Focus on your accomplishments.

You may have had several medical assignments with your agency, but there will be a common thread throughout. What makes them select you as opposed to your competition for these positions? List out what you did on the job that made you stand out as a top candidate. Include data if possible to underscore that your contribution to a medical facility was positive. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn, as they say. You’re selling yourself with your resume, so it’s an important part.

3. Create a functional resume.

There are two basic formats of resumes that are popular today. One is the traditional chronological resume that has employers listed starting with the most recent. But the other type is called a functional resume. The idea here is the focus on skills, abilities, and accomplishments. For example, you can create a summary of your skills and qualifications at the too, including as much data as possible. The list of companies will be toward the bottom of the resume to account for a timeline. This is a great option for someone who has worked contract medical jobs.

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